Smart Data driven Decision Making made easy

StrategyOne is a comprehensive Business Rule Engine and Business Rules Management Solution designed to provide stronger business governance and greater business agility. It supports quicker and automated decisions across various business processes including Banking and Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Utility and Retail. StrategyOne is a technology focused Business rule engine that makes use of rich data and analytical insights to automate decisions and improve decision-making processes throughout your enterprise backbone. It performs end-to-end business audits from decision modelling to execution.


StrategyOne Works as a:

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Business Rules Management System

It is a complete business rules management platform that enables your organization to increase customer loyalty, boost sales and margins, manage risk, and implement business and regulatory policies and procedures.


Score Engine

It is also a decision scoring engine that enables your organization to identify the right targets.


Business Information 1500
Business Process Optimization 1500

Data Dictionary

Business Users can self-configure KPIs and evaluate them on production data without involving IT departments.



Decision Rule Engine

StrategyOne, through its decision-making systems, integrates into a single tool the components of design and execution of the essential strategies to manage all decision-making processes in a comprehensive, effective, and timely manner.


Advanced Big Data Analytics 1500

StrategyOne comes with cutting-edge tools and components that seamlessly puts business goals into applications. It allows businesses to manage and automate the life cycle of decisioning models along with the ease of integration across a wide variety of technology environments. This helps businesses focus on expansion and serve customers more faster than ever.


It helps in optimizing the customer response time, improves the credit portfolio quality, helps businesses quickly react to business requirements thereby saving business time and money.


StrategyOne gives businesses control over product development and deployment by modernizing legacy systems without breaking business processes. It helps in minimizing redundancies and inconsistencies, reducing change efforts and ensuring consistent decisions.


StrategyOne supports automation across various stages of the customer lifecycle including:


New Customer Acquisition


Customer Portfolio Management

India Lending Market

Marketing Campaigns


Debt Collection

Why choose StrategyOne for Decision Automation?

  • It is designed to seamlessly handle and manage large decision tables.
  • Helps you make even the most complex of decisions spontaneously, transparently and incessantly.
  • Helps businesses learn and test different data sets on customers while understanding their experience with minimal human intervention and thereby eradication the manual decision-making processes associated.
  • The Business rule engine generates data-driven insights and applies them directly to operational decision-making. For example: Benchmark Analysis.
  • Provides automated decisions and one click detailed documentation that helps in increasing productivity, reducing risks and error rates.
  • No coding required and is independent of IT release cycles. The StrategyOne Business rule engine has a robust backend and a flexible front-end.
  • Can be used across different industries to enforce policies, improve the quality of customer experience and reduce labour costs.
  • The Business Rules Management System delivers a boost to productivity, logic accuracy, business agility while delivering savings and faster rule changes whenever necessary.
  • The technology lets businesses ensure that the rules are managed away from the application code instead of embedding them as codes within applications. It enables the logic to be used by multiple locations while also giving the flexibility of directly changing it from the governing applications.