CRIF Gulf (D&B) offers a unique spectrum of professional services tailored to sophisticated business needs. Research and advisory services aims at providing strategic insights to clients on their next move, new opportunities, and areas of performance improvement.

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Strategy & Planning Advisory

In a turbulent and competitive economy, change is the only constant. Organizations need to allocate and utilize resources efficiently to secure suitability and prosperity; therefore, continuous planning and strategizing is a necessity. Strategic planning aims to assess new programs/projects, expand the current business operations, or exit current ventures.


Market & Industry Research

Whether examining a new opportunity or assessing a policy’s effectiveness, data is always needed. The more accurate data available, the better the chances to make the right decisions. As widely known, data has the highest value when converted into insightful information, and that what CRIF D&B does best.


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Operations & Performance Improvement

Government establishments supplement their initiatives via programs that need to be devised appropriately and in a manner that is consistent with overall strategic goals. As such, it is essential to study the stakeholders' views, feedback and aspirations along with market trends and align the findings with the organization’s strategy to come with the most effective program that satisfies its original purpose.


SME Development Advisory

Whether the decision is to expand to new markets or segments, to start a new venture or to initiate a new product line the best approach to assess & arrive at the best decision is via feasibility studies. CRIF D&B enjoys a substantial business database rich with information that allows for robust market investigation.



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